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Quality Camping Gear was established this year to ensure that all caravanners, motorhomers, and campers have a place to visit in order to collect information on products prior to purchasing them.  THIS IS A REVIEW ONLY SITE.  See the link below for information about where to buy products.

As sub standard imports have taken a hold on the world of outdoor leisure we are keen to hold a torch for those products which have lasted you years and given you real value for money.  Whilst a bargain can often be found, true value comes in a product you can use for many years and will ensure you many, many good outings.

This site has been developed with the help and assistance of internet forums.

Whether you are an extreme camper or a family caravanner these values should never be any different.  We will be rewarding only products we consider to pass high standards the stamp of QUALITY CAMPING GEAR. In turn, this means you can rely this site before you buy anything as a solid second opinion.      

This site is supported by the following forums:

Touring and Tenting is a long running Caravan, motorhome and camping forum run by Mark and Sonja.  Both are active caravanners and the members of this fine forum are extremely active in terms of testing and reviewing products.

Caravanning 4 U is operated by Eric, an active caravan and like Touring and Tenting the members of the forum are involved in testing product for Quality Camping Gear.

Please visit these forums as they support this site.

All of our reviews are collected from your own recommendations.  All you have to do is to email us at info@qualitycampinggear.co.uk with your recommendations.  Send us the name of the product, what type of product it is and why exactly you recommend it.  From this we'll collect all of the information together and continue this database of information.  In turn you will be helping future outdoor enthusiasts.

For many of the products we be looking to link through to manufacturers and suppliers sites. 

Lets work together to ensure what we buy as a community is quality and lets see an end to bad copies and cheap imports.

For a complete list of UK Suppliers of caravan accessories we recommend using www.Yell.co.uk.

Visit yearsinthemaking.co.uk for information on CARAVAN SITE TYCOON the brand new simulation game for campers and caravanners.